Renew and Review

I’ve spent weeks trying to decide how to begin this post after a near-year hiatus. So much has happened. I could spend all this time apologizing for being gone and send myself down a never-ending guilt trip, but let’s be real. That wouldn’t really do any good for either of us. Long story short, I’m [...]


Do you remember growing up watching Sesame Street and they’d be like “Today’s show is brought to you by: the letter P”? Anyone? Maybe it’s just because I see Sesame Street on a fairly regular basis with my side job as a nanny. It’s at the surface of my brain along with the theme


I’ll warn you now that this post has nothing really to do with food or nutrition, but I still felt it was worth sharing. I’ve spent the past couple of weeks reflecting and trying to wrap my brain around exactly what I wanted to write down or if I even wanted to write anything down.

My Favorite Things

Hey all! Since it’s been a couple of months, I thought it was time and would be nice to give you a peek into my pantry. This definitely doesn’t cover everything that’s in there, but these are true staples that I can’t live without. Ok maybe I can live without them…it just wouldn’t be very pretty.

The Plastics

Before some of you get too excited, no I’m not talking about the viciously cruel girl click in the movie Mean Girls, though these plastics can be equally toxic.    The good, the bad, the BPA Bisphenyl A (BPA) is a carbon based, chemical compound that is found in plastic and food cans. It is [...]

Piece of me

So, I had planned to sit down and write this fabulous post about something or another that would just blow your socks off. But you know what? I realized that I hadn’t really shared my story about why in the world I chose nutrition. Sure, my “About Me” page has a short little blurb, but [...]

Intentional Eating

Have you ever stopped for a minute to think about how you eat your food? Are you one of those like my husband that back in the day could polish off a plate full of biscuits smothered in gravy, scrambled eggs, a cinnamon roll, a peanut butter and honey sandwich, and orange juice in a [...]

What’s The Deal With Chia?

I’m sure you’ve seen it. That little black seed that everyone is obsessed with lately. It’s been the star ingredient of many a pudding and pie. You may have even seen it back in the day on one of those commercials in the 90’s that was advertised as “the pottery that grows” (remember that jingle? [...]

What does Arukah mean?

Recently, I’ve had a few friends and family members ask me about the name of my website and what it means. Assuming that they aren’t the only people on the planet wondering the same thing, I figured I would take some time to explain it a little bit. Get ready!

The Clean Fifteen

Can I just start out by saying how you don’t truly appreciate the gift that is internet until you don’t have it in your house? We’ve been waiting and waiting for the internet techs to install everything, and they were finally coming last week. Oh, the excitement was real!